This is a recreation of machines that used to exist all over South Korea about twenty years ago.  

How to Play:

  1. Click the coin slot to deposit a coin.
  2. Press a button to choose Scissors Rock or Paper.
    1. If you can't read Korean, the buttons are in order: Scissors - Rock - Paper
  3. Get your result.
    1. The bottom left area in yellow will light up if you lose.
    2. The bottom right area in yellow will light up if you tie.
    3. The top red areas on the right and left will blink if you win
  4. If you lose, go back to step 1.
  5. If you tie, you can go again.
  6. If you win, the center wheel with numbers will light up and you will win the number of coins it shows at the end.
  7.  TIP: If you run out of coins, try shaking the coin return to see if you can find an extra coin.

NOTE: This game is not very fun. I made it for two reasons. First, I had some nostalgia of the Korea of the past and wanted to create something that reminded me of it. Second, I wanted to make an entire project inside an SVG file because it seems like a futile exercise. 

In both cases I succeeded. Before anyone criticizes the weird typography and layout of this machine, you should look at the originals. I was as faithful as I possibly could be to their shoddy workmanship.

Regarding making the entire file inside an SVG, requires an index.html file, so I added that, but if you download the actual code, this entire game can be run by loading the SVG in the browser, including the sounds. Futile, yes, but I enjoyed making it.

NOTE 2: There is no save feature or leaderboard or anything because I don't really think it is that type of a game. If someone really wants to implement saves, I will think about it, but I don't want to have a leaderboard because it will ruin the self-contained nature of the product. 

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